Amersham is linked to London by the Metropolitan line of the London Underground and is the last station on the Metropolitan main line. The average house price in Amersham has been reported at £747,725.

About me

Alex has a background in financial advice, front office investment banking and risk management. He is a long standing local himself and specializes in providing holistic financial advice, which includes working closely with Accountants and Solicitors.

Alex and his team provide the expertise, know-how and guidance so you can have confidence when making important decisions about your future.

Who Do You Typically Work With?

The types of clients that typically reach out to me are, as follows:

  • Employed or Self-Employed high earners;
  • Successful business owners looking for help with personal and business insurance, pensions, investments, Auto Enrolment and financial planning strategy;
  • Ltd Co. Directors looking for a holistic joined up approach to long term financial planning;
  • People looking to consolidate multiple frozen pensions;
  • Doctors, Dentists, Pilots and Contractors looking for help with income protection insurance structuring;
  • 30 to 65 yoa people, who have had a ‘OMG moment’ and want help planning for retirement;
  • People who want help over the long term in building and protecting wealth;
  • People looking for help with mortgages from a Chartered Financial Advisor, as opposed to a mortgage broker;
  • Once settlement has been finalized, we can help by assessing your ongoing needs and requirements, designing a financial plan based around the assets you have and then arranging implementation.
  • People who want help with estate planning, e.g. Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • This list is not exhaustive, please get in touch for more information, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Expert Impartial Mortgage Advice & BTL Portfolio Structuring

If you are a local person and would like advice from an impartial Chartered Financial Planner based near to Amersham, then please read on…

We are specialists in helping the following types of clients to secure competitive mortgages as part of their financial plan:

  • Limited Company Directors, LLP Partners and Sole Traders;
  • Higher value borrowers c. £200k-£2m+ loan size, whether employed or self-employed;
  • Releasing equity from one property to fund the purchase of another, or, Let-to-Buy as it is often called;
  • BTL purchases & remortgages including BTL portfolio structuring for retirement and legacy planning, e.g, use of SPVs.

Get In Touch:

If you are based in or around Amersham and would like to speak to Alex for help with financial advice, you can reach him on 01628 308 138 or 01628 566446 or contact him online. We are based out of Bray Village which is a 30 minute Drive from Amersham Museum.