For many people, the 30’s is a time for career building and growing your wealth, but it is also a time when financial responsibilities start to mount: marriage, having children, and owning your first home or moving up the property ladder. Talk to Alex about how having a family can impact your finances, and how you can make provision for your family’s needs, now and into the future.

Increasing Responsibilities

Now is the time to focus on your savings, which may be used as a deposit for a home, or part of a school fees planning strategy. But don’t just put money away…make it work, by asking Alex how you can choose investments that offer an opportunity for growth. Make sure you’re protected and look at critical illness and life insurance if you have dependents.

Increase your pension contributions and remember that if you consistently contribute to your pension and investments in your 30s, you will have a reasonable retirement pot at your nominated retirement age.  Start your estate plan, and at the very minimum, create a will that names a guardian for your children.

A CIncreasing Responsibilities