Private Medical Insurance

PMI is a cover that enables the policy holder and their family to see a consultant quickly, in a pleasant setting but most importantly, when they need to.

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Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is a valuable policy and in my opinion, everyone should take out this cover, if they can afford to.

Why Private Medical insurance?

If you want to see a consultant about something that is bothering you, the way to be seen quickly and by a top-class specialist consultant, is through your PMI.

For me and my family, having PMI has been invaluable. We have used and continue to use our policies frequently, where; having these policies has made a material difference to our quality of life, our health and our working life, whilst trying to juggle two children and our jobs.

Things to note

PMI is not a replacement for all NHS services – for example, accident and emergency treatments are not covered.

Premiums for Private Medical Insurance vary, depending on the level of cover you buy, your age, state of health and whether or not you smoke.

Finding the right PMI policy is important; it can mean the difference between getting the treatment you need quickly or not at all as the NHS is under so much pressure just now.

I am a private health insurance specialist broker and can help you to find suitable cover for you and your family.

Want further information?

Perhaps the most important advice I give to my clients is to plan carefully and do not leave things to chance. My job is to help you grow and protect your assets by providing the know-how you need to make informed decisions about your future. I then help you implement the strategy into a reality by working with you over the long term, helping you to build, brick by brick, a successful and robust financial situation.

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