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What is a Commercial Mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is a loan from a bank, building society or other specialist funding institute that is arranged for purchasing or refinancing property that is primarily used for commercial or business use.

Commercial mortgages can be utilised for properties that businesses will trade from or as a way of purchasing an investment such as a buy-to-let. They can be seen as a complex form of lending, therefore knowledge of the industry is recommended when arranging.

Why Use a Commercial Mortgage Broker?

Traditionally, sourcing the right commercial mortgage for your business would be a complicated and time-consuming process. With so many lenders available, it was virtually impossible to be sure the rates you accepted were the best commercial mortgage the market could offer.

We have an experienced team who work with a network of leading commercial mortgage lenders and Master brokers.

We know which lenders are the best fit for your business’ specific requirements and, aside from finding your business a competitive deal, we go the extra mile to ensure all parties involved are fully up-to-date with the progress of the deal. Say goodbye to those annoying delays and last-minute hitches.

For all commercial mortgages, once we have qualified the loan, we will refer you to a master broker to place the loan. We will happily act as the main point of contact throughout the process and will problem solve, as required.

Before meeting with a prospective mortgage client we will qualify all mortgages over the phone.

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