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Why it pays to use a mortgage adviser if you’re self employed

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

When it comes to getting any mortgage, opting to do it yourself you can involve a lot of time trawling websites, comparing best buys and traipsing round various lenders. All of this takes time and it can be hard to know if you’ve made the right choice. It’s a fact that mortgage applications made through an adviser can often go through quicker, principally because we know the criteria used by each lender and are on hand to supply answers to any queries that might be raised.

This becomes even more significant when you run your own business, whether as a sole trader or in a self-employed partnership, a contractor or the director of a small company. The days of self-certified mortgages for the self-employed are long gone, and assessment of financial status can be complex and onerous, requiring you to jump through more hoops to prove your income. Also, paying yourself tax-efficiently using legitimate planning strategies can count against you when applying for a mortgage, which is why it is essential that your mortgage adviser works closely with your accountant.

In these circumstances, taking impartial and expert advice from a mortgage adviser is invaluable. Different lenders have different qualifying criteria for the self-employed, and we know from experience which lenders are likely to favour lending to people in your circumstances and will make sure you include the most relevant information when you make your application. For example, we know which lenders are willing to take retained profits into account, which will accept less than two years of accounts, which will be happy to accept a track record of regular work, and who will offer the best rates.

So, if you are self-employed, a contractor or the director of a company, we can provide a service that offers that little bit extra – not only can we find the most suitable mortgage deal for you, but can support you all the way, to ensure the mortgage application process runs smoothly and efficiently from start to completion. Please get in touch on 01628 566446 or and ask to speak to our mortgage team.

MatthewWhy it pays to use a mortgage adviser if you’re self employed